AC Uninstallation in Kukatpally

ac uninstallation in kukatpally

AC Uninstallation or Removal Service in Kukatpally

AC Uninstallation in Kukatpally : We received an air conditioner repair request from Kukatpally area. That was an old Toshiba air conditioning unit. The owner still wants to check if it works or not. However, we advised that firstly, their spare parts might be difficult to find for old air conditioner model and secondly, it might not be cheap nor worth to recover it. Moreover, there was also a concern on the rusted air conditioner outdoor unit. Looking from the bottom, the rust might continue to affected the mounting bolts and become loose in future. This HDB flat do not have an air conditioner ledge. Air conditioner’s outdoor unit is normally mounted on a bracket that is extended out from the aircon hole under the flat’s window. When an air conditioner outdoor unit was not maintain, loose mounting bolts not checked. It could lead to a disaster where the air-conditioner outdoor unit fell off the mounting bracket and landed on someone.

The Air Conditioner owner does not want an air conditioner replacement, so we recommended our air conditioner removal service. By removing the old broken air conditioning unit, the hazard will be removed and the AC owner can have a peace of mind. Once agreed, we cut-offed the power supply and released the air conditioner refrigerant into the atmosphere. The air-conditioner indoor unit will be dismantled and disconnected from its connection of air-conditioner electrical cable, air-conditioner tubing and the water drain pipe. The air conditioner mounting bracket will be removed. From the air conditioner hole, we also do the same disconnection on the electrical cable and air-conditioner tubing. We then pulled in the air conditioner’s outdoor unit and dismantle the air conditioner mounting bracket. The old board that was covering the air conditioner hole cannot be used anymore due to the modification done by the air conditioner installation. We replaced it with a new board, which was included in our charges. This board must be sealed properly. If not, water gets in during raining weather. The remaining air conditioner system like tubing, piping, cables and trunking were removed. Holes on the wall will be patched. We disposed all removed air conditioner items.

Please understand that we will not help to paint the wall after patched up, as there might be some difficulties for us to determine which wall paint to carry. Paint touch up is not included in our service. Here we concluded our air conditioner removal service generally, there might be some difference on case by case basis. We hope you contact our aircon servicing company to find out more if interested.

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